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AlcoSense Zenith Corporate Breathalyser AL7000C

- Semiconductor Sensor
- Highly accurate % BAC reading
- Reading range: 0.000 to 0.400% BAC
- Dual mode: fast and normal
- Perfect for professional and personal use
- 5 mouthpieces included
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Perfect for personal, industrial use and employee breath alcohol screening. The Andatech AL7000C Zenith Breathalyser is not only accurate but also durable and reliable. Each AL7000C has a replaceable breathalyser sensor module enables the unit to be reading accurately again within seconds, even in the middle of a mine, construction zone or factory. The Andatech Zenith takes personal accountability to a new level.

Buy the Andatech Zenith Corporate Breathalyser AL7000C today.

Andatech Zenith Corporate Breathalyser AL7000C Features:
- Semiconductor Sensor
- Highly accurate % BAC reading
- Reading range: 0.000 to 0.400% BAC
- Dual mode: fast and normal
- Perfect for professional and personal use
- 5 mouthpieces included


Additional Info

Indication of B.A.C (Full 3 decimals) 0.000 to 0.400% BAC
Warm up time Within 25 seconds      
Response time
Within 3 seconds
Recycle time
10 seconds
5 mouthpieces supplied
Sensor New oxide semiconductor-type alcohol sensor (gas flow sensor built in)
Power supply
2x AA batteries or car charger (cigar jack)
Battery change Over 200 tests
Weight 103g (Including Batteries)
Dimensions(mm) 116mm height x 50 width x 21 depth
Accuracy +/- 0.010% BAC at 0.050% BAC
Option Auto power off, flow error technology, battery low indication
Calibration Recommended every 200 tests or 6 months


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good - Review by
Overall Score
It is pretty much as described on the web site.
Touring Australia and tourist park checkout times of 10a.m., It has helped me avoid driving over the limit in the mornings.(from the previous days drinking.)
The 3 decimal places allow me to calculate how long it will be before I blow under the limit.
The connection to USB is not explained. When connected to a pc and the connection wizard completes nothing happens and the device is not visible on "My Computer".
The single beep while blowing indicates a good sample, was not documented.
As it is for personal use 5 mouthpieces are more than enough.

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Do you sell the replaceable breathalyzer sensor modules for the Andatech zenith AL7000C? How many of these come with the unit?
The Al7000C will just come with one sensor and no extra replacement. To get the replacement sensor you have to contact Andatech (http://www.andatech.com.au/company/contact.html#axzz1fnfQMSYZ) and most likely have your unit sent back to them so they can check it to see which sensor module goes with it, and they would then be able to provide you with the correct replacement sensors. The reason we don't sell it readily online is because they need to check it first.
Hi,could you please point out the major differences between this product and the 6000PRO? The accuracy is the same and almost are the warm up and recycle times. The only difference I could spot was the size, style/design and of course the price. Also, I have read that with some of the breathalysers you have to wait ca. 20 min after drinking, smoking or eating to get an accurate reading. Is there a suggested wait time with this product?
Yes. The accuracy, warm up time is the same between the AL6000 and the 7000. The AL7000's only additional feature is that the reading can be saved and downloaded to a computer for reference. For personal use, we would highly recommend the AL6000 as it is one of our most popular products! Yes, you are correct. Manufacturers recommend waiting 20 minutes after your drink or meal before taking a reading. However, there is no mention on smoking, I believe that should not affect the reading.
I currently use the andatech al 6000 pro. i was wondering if the same technology is in the andatech zenith corporite al 7000c. how do these compare?
Both the AL6000 and AL7000 use the same technology, which is the semiconductor sensor. Both are not alcohol-specific and both have the same accuracy of +/- 0.01%BAC. In comparison, however, the Zenith AL7000 will show you a more precise reading in terms of it giving you 4-digit readings/three decimal places (the AL6000 gives 3 digit readings). In comparison as well, the AL6000 has a passive mode, i.e. you don't need mouthpieces, whereas the AL7000 does not have a passive mode and needs mouthpieces. The AL6000 is also Australian Standard Certified whereas the AL7000 is not. The Australian Standard Certification just means that the breathalyser has been testeds for its accuracy, reliability and has proven to perform better than other breathalysers that are in the market without it. Australian Standard breathalysers undergo extensive laboratory and field testing in order to get this certification. This also means the breathalyser is serviceable and well supported through a strict control process as a safety device. So overall, both the AL6000 and AL7000 are similar in terms of accuracy, but in terms of reliability the AL6000's Australian Standard Certification might give you a better peace of mind.
Hi. I'm looking at the AL7000C. for Accuracy the specs say +/- .010%BAC @.050% BAC.. In layman's terms does this mean if I am really at .05%BAC, the device could say anything from .04% to .05%? What is the range of accuracy?.. Thanks
Hey Michael, Similar to what you have said, having a +/- .010%BAC @.050% BAC means that if you really are at .05%BAC the device would say anything between .04% to .06% Hope that helps!

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